Your guide to lipedema

How do I deal with the issue of lipedema? Which techniques help me in my everyday life?
And what is there to know about liposuction for lipedema?
These and many other facts, tips & tricks we collect in our LIPOBLOG!

Katrin Erfahrungsbericht

No place for pain - Katrin

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Lipödempatientin Anke nach der Lipödembehandlung bei Lipocura

Lipedema after the menopause - Anke

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Top-class sport despite lipedema - Dilara

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Great aesthetic result with large volume removal - Deniese

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Lipedema experiences – Profile of Sandra

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Lipedema experiences – Profile of Diana

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Lipedema experiences - Profile of Laura

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Lipedema experiences - Profile of Kristina

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Lipedema experiences - Profile of Charice

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Lipedema experiences - Profile of Anja

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Lipedema experiences - Andrea's profile

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Lipedema experiences - Profile into an easier life

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What is the best way to get through the summer as a lipedema fighter?

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Lipödem und Partnerschaft | LIPOCURA®

Lipedema & relationship

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