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Welcome to LIPOCURA® in Cologne.

With deep empathy and sound expertise, we meet women affected by Lipedema and accompany them on their journey in the fight against the pathological fat distribution disorder. Our aim is not only to offer you professional support, but also comprehensive care that takes your specific needs into account.

At our consultation and treatment centre in Cologne, the beautiful historic cathedral city, we offer you comprehensive expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of Lipedema. We combine state-of-the-art medical procedures with the latest scientific knowledge and empathetic, patient-centred care. We want to create an environment where you feel understood and safe.

For comprehensive treatment of lipoedema, we welcome you to our partner clinic, the renowned Beethovenklinik. This long-standing private clinic combines extensive experience, a highly qualified and empathetic team and state-of-the-art equipment. With its wellness hotel character, the clinic offers a relaxing environment in which you can recuperate and feel at ease. In addition to professional expertise and innovative treatment methods, you will enjoy first-class service and personalised support on your way to a life free of complaints. We are proud to offer you a place that harmoniously combines medical excellence and a feel-good atmosphere.

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Dr Dominik von Lukowicz
Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz speaks German Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz speaks English
Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz

Medical director
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Michael Sauter
Dr. med. Michael Sauter speaks German Dr. med. Michael Sauter speaks English
Dr. med. Michael Sauter

Partner at LIPOCURA®
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Katrin Lossagk
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Dr. med. Katrin Lossagk

Medical director
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Maxim Isaev
Maxim Isaev speaks German Maxim Isaev speaks Russian
Maxim Isaev

Specialist for general surgery

Anette G├Ârg speaks German Anette G├Ârg speaks English
Anette G├Ârg

Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery
Additional qualification in hand surgery

Zukhra Abdullaeva speaks German
Zukhra Abdullaeva

Specialist for vascular surgery

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Professional Lipedema treatment at the Beethovenklinik in Cologne

At our state-of-the-art specialist centre, the Beethovenklinik in Cologne, we perform the surgical removal of lipoedema by means of liposuction. You will receive comprehensive care from an experienced and perfectly coordinated team of specialists, anaesthetists and medical staff. Our specialists have many years of experience and extensive expertise in the treatment of Lipedema. We understand the situation our patients find themselves in and do everything we can to achieve the best possible results for a life free of symptoms. Through personalised advice and tailor-made treatment plans, we ensure that our patients feel that they are in good hands and receive the best possible care at all times.

Patient reviews

What our patients in Cologne say

Find out more about our holistic treatment approach through authentic testimonials from lipedema sufferers.



After my lipoedema diagnosis in summer 2022, I started looking for a suitable clinic for liposuction. Lipocura was the 2nd clinic I looked at and I was so positively surprised, as the difference to the clinic before was like night and day.

During my first consultation in fall 2022, they took almost 90 minutes of time for me and I just felt really well advised and taken care of. My first operation was then at the beginning of March 2023 at the Beethoven Clinic in Cologne with Mr. Kurpanek. My second and last operation was in May 2023. 16 liters were removed in total.
Everything has now healed perfectly, most of the scars are barely visible and I am so incredibly happy with the end result. Not only am I now completely pain-free, but I feel really comfortable in my body again for the first time in years.

I am incredibly grateful to Lipocura for this.

Anna S



I had my first experience with Lipocura in September 2022 during my first consultation. I then quickly decided on this clinic and had my first liposuction for lipoedema in December 2022 at the Beethoven Clinic in Cologne. My second and, for the time being, last procedure was then in April 2023. Both the consultation and the pre-op and post-op consultations and aftercare were great and I felt that I was in good hands the whole time. The entire team was friendly, courteous and considerate. All my wishes were taken into account and my fears were allayed.



LipoCura Cologne – It was truly miraculous. I have a lot of surgical and aftercare (concept) experience. Mrs. G├Ârg totally picked me up both in the consultation and on the day of the operation (& the day after). I felt that I was in good hands with her. My aftercare support from the nursing team was also absolutely fantastic. Many, many thanks to Robin and Marina! Dr. Dreja explained everything to me over the phone during the week and answered all my questions competently and patiently. The anesthesia and pain therapy were great! Thank you LipoCura for not cutting corners. Finally, the fact that such great single rooms with a bathroom are a matter of course here – great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my new wings.

Verified patient

How does the consultation at LIPOCURA® in Cologne work?

We take a lot of time to understand you and your individual situation during your first consultation at LIPOCURA® in Cologne.

  • Medical history
    We start with a thorough anamnesis in which we discuss your complaints and medical history in detail. This enables us to get a precise picture of your initial situation.
  • Diagnosis
    In the next step, we carry out a precise diagnosis in which we measure the fat thickness and identify problematic areas. Using methods such as the pinch test and ultrasound, we determine the stage of lipoedema, analyse the condition of the tissue and assess its progression. This detailed examination lays the foundation for optimal treatment results.
  • Planning
    Innovative technologies such as our MyLIPOAvatar enable us to create a precise 3D scan of your body. Among other things, this allows for customised and transparent treatment planning that is precisely tailored to your needs and depicts important health parameters such as body fat percentage, posture, etc. You will also receive our LIPO BOOK and the LIPO Journal, which contain valuable tips on lifestyle, nutrition and self-care. They provide you with optimum support during preparation and accompany you throughout your treatment.

We not only want to offer you the highest level of professional expertise, but also convey a sense of trust and security. Our aim is to make it easier for you to decide in favour of liposuction for Lipedema and to contribute to a better attitude to life.

We are always available for an initial diagnosis, for questions about treatment options or to clarify a diagnosis that has already been made or not. We also offer a corrective consultation if you have already had unsatisfactory Lipedema surgery. Do not hesitate to contact us – we are here for you.

├ťbergabe Fragebogen an Patientin in der Klinik mednord
Initial consultation

What should I know for my initial consultation with LIPOCURA®?

We understand that you are probably a little nervous before your consultation with us. So that you can be reassured and are fully prepared for your appointment, here are the most important facts about your initial consultation:

Frequently asked questions

Lipedema is a chronic disease that mainly affects women and is characterised by an abnormal increase in fatty tissue. The condition is particularly noticeable on the legs and arms and typically occurs during puberty, after pregnancy or during the menopause.

As the disease progresses, various symptoms can occur that can severely affect daily life. These include pain, feelings of pressure and restricted mobility. Although there is currently no empirical evidence of a cure, conservative treatments such as compression garments or lymphatic drainage can alleviate the symptoms. However, liposuction remains the only method to permanently remove the abnormal fat cells and thus achieve long-term improvement or even freedom from symptoms.

Lipedema is characterised by an unusual, often symmetrical accumulation of subcutaneous fatty tissue, usually starting on the legs. The affected areas are often sensitive to pressure, painful and prone to bruising. Those affected often complain of a feeling of coldness, tightness and heaviness in the affected extremities.

To find out whether you may be suffering from Lipedema, we offer you a self-test that can give you an initial assessment and serve as the basis for a consultation.

The exact causes of Lipedema have not yet been fully researched, but a genetic predisposition is suspected as the disease runs in families. Hormonal changes, particularly those caused by the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone, play a significant role. These hormones influence the distribution of fat in the body and can favour the occurrence or worsening of Lipedema during puberty, pregnancy or menopause. A possible malfunction of the lymphatic vessels, which leads to increased fluid retention in the fatty tissue, is also being discussed.

It is important to emphasise that Lipedema is not the same as being overweight. The condition is not caused by poor diet or lack of exercise and cannot be treated by diet or exercise alone.

Lipedema is diagnosed in our consultation in Cologne. We have been successfully advising and treating Lipedema patients for 12 years. Our many years of experience and comprehensive expertise enable us to make a precise diagnosis. After taking a detailed medical history, we carry out a thorough physical examination, during which we look at the typical fat distribution and the nature of the fatty tissue. This includes the so-called pinch test, which we use to test the pain and pressure sensitivity of the affected areas. We also use imaging techniques such as ultrasound to support the diagnosis and rule out other diseases.

The main aim of the treatment is to alleviate the symptoms and improve quality of life. Conservative methods such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, specially adapted diet plans (including a ketogenic diet) and exercise therapy are used.

In advanced stages, when conservative treatment options are limited, liposuction for Lipedema is often the only effective way of alleviating the symptoms and also adjusting the body contour. At LIPOCURA®, we treat Lipedema using the gentle PAL method (Power-Assisted Liposuction); this method is characterised above all by the fact that it is particularly gentle on the tissue and thoroughly removes fat cells. We perform all operations under general anaesthetic, which allows us to remove significantly more diseased fat than would be possible under local anaesthetic or twilight sleep.

If there is significant excess skin, we also offer scarless skin tightening to perfect the overall result. Surgical tightening is also an option for severe findings. Our holistic approach ensures that both the health and aesthetic needs of our patients are taken into account and always adapted to their individual requirements.

How to get there

Anfahrt mit der Bahn

From Cologne main station

Take the underground line U18 in the direction of Chlodwigplatz to Hansaring station. The walk to the practice takes about 10 minutes.

Take bus 55 in the direction of L├Âvenich and get off at the Beethovenstra├če/Friesenstra├če stop. The walk to the practice takes approx. 3 minutes.

The walk from Cologne main station to the practice takes about 20 minutes.

Anfahrt mit dem Taxi


The taxi ride from the main railway station to the LIPOCURA® location takes about 5 minutes.

Parken bei Lipocura


There are several parking garages near the practice. The ÔÇśBeethovenparkhausÔÇÖ parking garage is the closest and is about 100 metres away.

You can find us here

Consultancy and surgery location

Beethovenstra├če 5-13

50674 Cologne

+49 221 292662-0

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