Dr Michael Sauter
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Dr. med. Michael Sauter

Professional career

My professional career initially took me to Switzerland and Berlin as part of my general surgery training. There I obtained the recognition as a specialist in surgery in 2010. I became involved with great interest in the field of bariatric surgery as well as vein and lymphatic surgery.

I then continued my career at the Clinic for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Vivantes Klinikum Friedrichshain Berlin, where, under the direction of Chief Physician Dr. S. Kopp, I acquired additional recognition as a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in a five-year training program.

The substantive focus of my comprehensive plastic training was in the area of reconstructive surgery and microsurgery, which I took over as director in 2012. I performed numerous body contouring and aesthetic procedures, primarily liposuction, which allowed me to deepen my skills in aesthetic surgery.

During an interim rotation at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, I acquired in-depth knowledge in the treatment of severe burn injuries under head physician Dr. Hartmann.

Experience and work in the field of lipedema

Since January 2016, I have now joined the LIPOCURA® team with a focus on surgical lipedema removal. Due to the high number of surgical procedures, I was able to quickly deepen my expertise in surgical lipedema treatment alongside Dr. von Lukowicz. In addition to the surgical tightening operations, I have also acquired the scarless skin tightening methods with laser, cool plasma and surgical needling after major liposuctions over the years.

The specialist lipedema treatment at LIPOCURA®

We are specialized in the surgical treatment of lipedema. By acquiring in-depth knowledge of many therapeutic measures, we succeed in achieving good results in the treatment of all stages of lipedema. We are characterized by a sensitive understanding in dealing with our patients as well as a profound knowledge of lipedema and attach great importance to a holistic approach to treatment.

Make an appointment for a personal consultation and benefit from our expertise. We are completely dedicated to lipedema and have a large network of lymphologists and phlebologists we can recommend to you. Our goal is your quality of life.

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