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Olga Schutti

Professional career

I began my medical career with an apprenticeship as a health care and nursing assistant in 2008, followed by work in this field. This was accompanied by a degree in business administration with a focus on healthcare management.
From 2011 to mid-2013, I took on the role of scientific assistant at the Institute for Health at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. There, I also fulfilled a lectureship as an adjunct professor for "Business Planning and Operations".

To further expand my medical skills, I began studying human medicine at the LMU Munich at the end of 2013, which I successfully completed in 2021. Subsequently, I started working as a physician in the scientific area at the LMU Klinikum Großhadern before joining the LIPOCURA® team in 2022.

Work in the field of lipedema

During my entire professional career, special emphasis has always been placed on the medical history interview. The clarification, physical examination and diagnostics in the field of lipedema proved to be particularly important for me. My goal is to accompany lipedema patients on their way to a symptom-free life.

The specialist lipedema treatment at LIPOCURA®

At LIPOCURA®, we follow a holistic approach in order to provide patients with the best possible treatment for the greatest possible freedom from symptoms in everyday life and an improved body image.

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