Liposuction on the abdomen

Fat deposits on the abdomen that cause discomfort are particularly distressing for affected women. It has not been conclusively clarified whether lipedema exists on the abdomen, but we notice in a large number of lipedema sufferers that painful tissue has also accumulated in the abdominal region and that this is very unlikely to cause any more problems after liposuction for lipedema.

In addition to sometimes severe pain and sensitivity to pressure – some of the symptoms of lipedema – the focus here is also on the aesthetic appearance. The disproportionate distribution of fat disturbs the natural silhouette of the body. Often wrongly diagnosed as overweight, many affected people suffer from the progressive disease for years.

Our team of experts at LIPOCURA® is aware of the heavy burden our patients suffer from. By means of surgical liposuction, we achieve lasting results to alleviate your symptoms, help you achieve new body aesthetics and thus improve your quality of life. Would you like to know more about liposuction of the abdomen? We will be happy to inform you in the following and are also personally available to answer any questions you may have.

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Brief liposuction overview

Operating time approx. 2–3 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Hospital stay 1 overnight stay
Rest period 2–3 weeks
Fit for sports/exercise from the 3rd week on

How does liposuction on the abdomen work?

The treatment for abdominal liposuction at LIPOCURA® in our specialist centres includes the initial consultation, planning and preparation for the procedure, the actual operation and its aftercare. We are also at your side for possible follow-up treatments such as skin tightening.

During the obligatory consultation, we would like to get to know you better, determine the existing findings of the lipedema and discuss your wishes and expectations regarding the aesthetic result. Above all, it is important for us to take away any fears and uncertainties you may have before the surgery. Of course, we will also answer all your questions – both during the personal consultation and at any time thereafter.

On the day of the surgery, we first mark the areas to be suctioned on the skin and administer the general anaesthetic. As soon as the anaesthetic takes effect, we make very small incisions, which we place as inconspicuously as possible on the abdomen. Through these incisions we inject the tumescent solution, which bloats the fat cells to be suctioned. The fat cells are then removed with the special vibrating cannula in a way that is gentle on the tissue. Lipedema surgery on the abdomen takes about 2–3 hours, depending on the amount of fat removed by the liposuction.

Immediately after the liposuction on the abdomen, we put a compression girdle on the patient. It is specially tailored to her, and must be worn night and day for the next six weeks. In addition, she usually stays one night for in-patient observation. We recommend physical rest for the first few days. Allow yourself to rest and give your body time to heal. In very rare cases, temporary numbness, wound healing problems or unsightly scarring may occur during liposuction. Our specialists can reduce these risks to an absolute minimum through routine procedures, years of experience and our high quality standards.


What method is used for liposuction on the abdomen?

Liposuction in the area of the abdomen and hips is somewhat more complex compared to the treatment of some other areas of the body, as larger amounts of fat are often removed here. However, thanks to the many years of experience of our specialists, we at LIPOCURA® can proceed in a very low-risk and gentle manner. We are also supported in this by the special procedure we have chosen: the PAL method.

Vibration liposuction or the PAL method (power assisted liposuction) allows us to perform an operation that is particularly gentle on the tissue. In combination with the tumescent technique, we achieve the best results.

In the first step of the procedure, we inject the special tumescent solution into the abdominal area where the fat causing discomfort is to be removed. It flushes out the fat cells and detaches them from the surrounding tissue. With the help of the vibrating cannula, the fat is sucked out without damaging the lymph vessels and veins.

Liposuction at LIPOCURA® is performed under general anaesthesia. This makes it possible for us to remove larger amounts of fat within one operation.

After liposuction: abdominoplasty?

When large amounts of fat are removed, excess skin may remain on the abdomen. This usually recedes only slightly and affects the overall aesthetic result. We therefore offer a skin-tightening laser treatment as well as other methods of abdominoplasty to accompany the lipedema operation.

Learn more about skin tightening after liposuction.

How much does abdominal liposuction cost?

The cost of lipedema removal by abdominal liposuction is closely related to the complexity of the operation, i.e. how many fat cells are removed. The price includes all expenses for consultation, aftercare, surgery, compression garments and personnel. We will be happy to make you a concrete offer in a personal consultation.

Get more information about surgery costs and possible cost coverage by your health insurance.

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