LIPOPHYSIO® - Holistically there for you before and after lipedema surgery!

Liposuction for lipedema forms the central point of our work at LIPOCURA®. However, it goes without saying that preparation for surgery as well as aftercare are also important topics on which we accompany you on your way to a life free of symptoms.
We focus on holistic treatment, which is why we are at your side from the very first consultation - even after successful liposuction as part of your post-operative care.

Lymphatic drainage by our LIPOPHYSIO® already begins the day after surgery. Important advice and tips on how to positively influence your wound healing included.

This is our LIPOPHYSIO®

Our LIPOPHYSIO® Ortwin is a trained sports physiotherapist and a specialist in manual lymphatic drainage – he will support you during the time after your liposuction.
He takes his knowledge of post-operative aftercare from his many years of work in the field of rehabilitation after injuries in competitive sports and his focus on post-operative treatments.

Ortwin had his first contact with the topic of lipedema more than 10 years ago, when he noticed that some lipedema patients continued to gain weight despite intensive exercise and that a change in diet did not bring the desired effect. Many of the women resigned, not least because they did not feel understood by their doctor.

Since then, he has been increasingly involved with the disease in order to help these women, and has repeatedly worked together with Dr. von Lukowicz and Dr. Lossagk. Meanwhile, he officially fulfills the role of LIPOPHYSIOS® at LIPOCURA®.

As he is active in competitive sports, very enthusiastic about sports and interested in many different types of sports, he also deals intensively with the topic of nutrition and knows exactly what lipedema patients have to pay attention to.

Your contact for questions about post-operative aftercare

Some tips Ortwin gives patients to help them prepare for surgery are:

  • under no circumstances diet before the operation (do not weaken the body)
  • drink a lot and eat well
  • start with positive energy
  • wear compression
  • manual lymphatic drainage to decongest before the surgery

If you have any questions about the aftercare of liposuction, you can always contact Ortwin with confidence. But he will also be happy to help you prepare for the surgery.

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