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Welcome to LIPOCURA® in Frankfurt.

We understand the challenging burden that comes with living with Lipedema and want to provide you with comprehensive and holistic care. You as a patient, your quality of life and your well-being are our focus.

At our consultation centre in Frankfurt, we offer you comprehensive expertise in the field of lipoedema, which represents a synergy of state-of-the-art medical procedures, the latest scientific findings and empathetic, patient-oriented care. Our modern, international location in the Medical Consultation Centre near the banking district offers you the comfort and convenience you deserve.

At Eterno, you will be cared for by experienced doctors who are nationally recognised Lipedema specialists. We strive to create an atmosphere in which every woman feels understood and safe. Our premises are specially designed to meet the needs of patients with Lipedema and combine many years of experience, a highly qualified team of specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the best possible treatment.

We are proud to offer you a place where you will not only find excellent professional expertise and innovative approaches, but also personal support on your way to a life free of symptoms.

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Dr Katrin Lossagk
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Dr. med. Katrin Lossagk

Medical director
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Ingrid Lammers
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Dr. med. Ingrid Lammers

Specialist for general surgery and visceral surgery

Lipocura® in Frankfurt
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Individual Lipedema consultation in Frankfurt am Main

At our specialist centre in Frankfurt, we will advise you comprehensively and individually on your options. We perform liposuction for Lipedema in our partner clinics:

  • Fort Malakoff, Mainz
  • Klinik auf der Karlshöhe, Stuttgart
  • Beethovenklinik, Cologne
  • Elbklinik, Hamburg
  • Klinik mednord, Munich

Patient reviews

What our patients in Frankfurt say

Find out more about our holistic treatment approach through authentic testimonials from lipedema sufferers.



I ran from one doctor to another and no one could help me or give me any tips. at the first consultation I was given addresses and a guide that was completely tailored to me. I am very satisfied that they finally listened to me and took me seriously.

Verified patient



Very good information about the disease and the treatment methods. Comprehensive physical examination. I finally got clarity and the necessary information about my body. No time pressure, questions were answered in detail. Very nice and friendly staff. Good atmosphere in the practice in general.

Verified patient



I am completely satisfied with the appointment.
Dr. was very nice and empathetic

Verified patient

How does the consultation at LIPOCURA® in Frankfurt work?

In our initial consultation at LIPOCURA® in Frankfurt, we devote a great deal of attention to you and your personal concerns in order to develop a deep understanding of your specific situation.

  • Medical history
    We will first discuss your symptoms and medical history in detail in order to develop a detailed understanding of your personal situation.
  • Diagnosis
    Using various diagnostic methods such as the pinch test and ultrasound examinations, we ensure that we can accurately determine Lipedema and its stage. We measure the thickness of the fat and identify areas that are already causing problems or could become problematic in the future. We also assess the condition of the tissue and the progression of the disease. This detailed diagnosis enables us to precisely define the requirements for an optimal treatment outcome and to create customised treatment plans.
  • Planning
    With the help of the latest technology, including a 3D scan with the MyLIPOAvatar, we are able to create a treatment plan that is individually tailored to you. You will also receive our LIPOBOOK and LIPO-Journal with valuable tips and information to help you prepare for your treatment and support you during your treatment.

Our primary goal is not only to offer you the highest level of medical expertise, but also to give you a feeling of trust and security. We provide you with comprehensive support during the initial diagnosis and are happy to provide you with a second opinion. You can also take advantage of our corrective surgery consultation if you have already undergone unsatisfactory surgery for lipoedema. We will answer all your general questions to make it easier for you to decide in favour of liposuction and thus a better attitude to life.

Übergabe Fragebogen an Patientin in der Klinik mednord

Initial consultation

What should I know for my initial consultation with LIPOCURA®?

We understand that you are probably a little nervous before your consultation with us. So that you can be reassured and are fully prepared for your appointment, here are the most important facts about your initial consultation:

Patient stories

Living with Lipedema - Experiences of our patients

What happens after Lipedema treatment at LIPOCURA®? Many women have travelled this path with us and share their experiences as well as exclusive before and after pictures to serve as inspiration for other patients. Let yourself be inspired and take a look at our patient stories.


Frequently asked questions

Lipedema is a chronic disease that occurs almost exclusively in women and is characterised by an uncontrollable, abnormal increase in fatty tissue – usually on the legs and arms. This disorder of fat distribution usually manifests itself during puberty, after pregnancy or during the menopause.

Depending on the stage, Lipedema is associated with various symptoms that can lead to considerable impairment. Pain and restricted movement are a major obstacle for many sufferers in coping with everyday life. Lipedema is not yet curable. However, conservative measures such as compression garments or lymphatic drainage can only alleviate the symptoms. Liposuction is the only method to remove the diseased fat cells.

A visible and palpable increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue, which mainly affects the legs and usually occurs symmetrically, is the typical symptom of lipoedema. The affected areas can be sensitive to pressure and painful and tend to form bruises (haematomas). Many patients with Lipedema complain of a feeling of tension, coldness and heaviness in the extremities.

To get an initial overview of whether you have typical symptoms of lipoedema, we have developed a self-test that you can use to carry out an initial self-assessment with just a few clicks. The result can also be a helpful reference point for your first consultation in Frankfurt.

The causes of lipoedema are still not fully understood. As the disease is more common in families, genetic factors are being discussed. Hormonal influences of oestrogen and progesterone, which occur primarily during puberty, pregnancy and the menopause, also appear to play a role. A malfunction of the lymph vessels is also suspected, which may be the cause of increased fluid retention in the fatty tissue.

Lipedema is often equated with being overweight. But this is completely wrong! You are not to blame for your situation. Lipedema is not the result of a poor diet or too little exercise, nor is it treatable through exercise or diet.

Lipedema is diagnosed during the initial consultation at LIPOCURA® in Frankfurt. Occasionally, patients are already diagnosed and would like a second opinion. Firstly, we take a detailed medical history in which your symptoms and medical history are discussed. A physical examination then often provides certainty. We rely on our many years of expertise and in-depth experience.

Our experienced specialists pay attention to the typical distribution of fat, the nature of the fatty tissue and look for signs of tenderness and palpable thickening of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Imaging techniques such as ultrasound can be used to support the assessment and rule out other diseases.

The aim of lipoedema treatment is to alleviate the symptoms and improve quality of life. Conservative methods such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, adapted nutrition and exercise therapy are used.

Conservative therapy often reaches its limits, especially in advanced stages. To date, liposuction is the only way to achieve the best possible relief of symptoms and an aesthetic adjustment of the body contour. We perform liposuction for Lipedema in our treatment centres throughout Germany. We use the gentle PAL method (Power-Assisted Liposuction) for precise and effective results. We also create a ketogenic diet plan to support the healing process. To perfect the overall result, we offer scarless skin tightening that takes into account the aesthetic aspect of the treatment. In this way, we ensure that both your health and aesthetic needs are met.

How to get there

Anfahrt mit der Bahn

From Frankfurt main station:

Take bus 36 in the direction of Schwanheim to the Bockenheimer Landstraße/Münchner Straße stop. The walk to the practice takes about 5 minutes.

Take bus 55 in the direction of Lövenich to the bus stop Beethovenstraße/Friesenstraße. The walk to the practice takes about 3 minutes.

The walk from Frankfurt Central Station to the practice takes approx. 25 minutes.

Anfahrt mit dem Taxi


The taxi journey from the main railway station to the LIPOCURA® location takes approx. 10 minutes.

Parken bei Lipocura


There are several parking garages near the practice. The nearest parking garage is ‘Bockenheimer Landstraße’, which is about 200 metres away.

You can find us here

Consultancy location

Eterno, Bockenheimer Landstr. 33-35/5. OG

60325 Frankfurt am Main

+49 69 2475309-0

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