Liposuction for painful fat on the back

Our experience has shown that patients complain of painful fatty tissue in a wide variety of areas, either primarily or as a result of redistribution. Some patients also develop painful fat deposits on the back. For example, on the shoulder blades, the bra line or in the area of the neck (“bull neck”). Conservative therapies can temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but according to current knowledge, only liposuction can achieve lasting improvements.

Our lipedema specialists at LIPOCURA® know the problems that our patients have to face every day. It is therefore a matter close to our hearts to ensure that they can feel at home in their bodies again by means of holistic treatments. Do you have any questions about liposuction or liposuction on the back? We would be happy to inform you in detail about liposuction on the back in a personal consultation.

How can we help you?

Brief liposuction overview

Operating time approx. 2–3 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Hospital stay 1 overnight stay
Rest period 1–2 weeks
Fit for sports/exercise from the 6th week on

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How does liposuction on the back work?

We always see our treatments from a holistic perspective and are also there for you comprehensively before and after the operation – from consultation, planning and preparation to implementation and aftercare. We are also at your side for questions about lipedema, conservative therapy or other skin tightening treatments.

In an initial personal consultation, we get to know you and your individual situation better and can draw up a concrete treatment concept on the basis of the available findings – for this purpose, we take detailed ultrasound images, among other things. We will inform you here in detail about the procedure of the operation and the subsequent aftercare – you can also read all the relevant information in our “lipedema book”, which we will be happy to give you. For the before and after comparison as well as the most precise surgery planning, we create a virtual model of your body with our innovative 3D scan MyLIPOAvatar. This allows us to perform a detailed body posture analysis as well as circumference measurement and make the success of liposuction even more visible for you. If you have any questions later on, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Liposuction on the back is only carried out in a single surgery in the case of very pronounced findings. We can usually combine liposuction of the back, buttocks or legs. We start the treatment by marking the areas on your back that need liposuction. Then you gently fall asleep under general anaesthesia and are monitored throughout the surgery by an experienced anaesthetist. Next, we make minimal incisions in inconspicuous areas and use them to inject the tumescent solution. After a certain reaction time, we can gently remove the now loosened fatty tissue using a delicate vibrating cannula. The procedure takes about 2–3 hours, depending on the amount of work involved.

In order to avoid postoperative dents and oedema, our patients receive specially fitted compression garments. These should be worn day and night for the next 6 weeks and then during the day for another 6 weeks. This is followed by a one-night stay in the clinic. Allow yourself and your body some rest during the first days and avoid strenuous activities. Light movements are nevertheless good for wound healing. Regular lymphatic drainage is also important: 3 times a week for the first 3 weeks, then 2 times a week for another 6 weeks. Rarely, there may be risks such as wound healing problems, temporary numbness or haematoma. Swelling is quite normal during healing.

Which method is used for liposuction on the back?

Even though the occurrence of lipedema on the back has not yet been fully scientifically proven, similar symptoms have also been observed in this area, so that we also perform liposuction here.
Since the symptoms of the disease include pain, sensitivity to pressure and the rapid formation of bruises, lying on the back is particularly unpleasant. Likewise, for many affected women, pushing in the bra leads to the marking of painful fat pads – tops tighten and there is an accumulation of fluid,

At LIPOCURA® we use the PAL method (power assisted liposuction) with a combined tumescent technique to remove the painful fat cells in an extremely gentle way. In the first step, we inject the special tumescent solution to loosen the fat cells from the surrounding tissue so that they can then be removed more thoroughly with the help of the finest vibrating cannulas – these are equipped with a rapidly vibrating tip. We perform the operation under general anaesthesia. This allows us to remove significantly more fat in just one procedure. This in turn means fewer operations for you. This means that there is no further healing time or additional costs.


After the treatment: Skin tightening?

In some cases, liposuction on the back may result in excess skin that cannot disappear on its own. In order to avoid resulting complaints such as inflammation or restricted movement and also to improve the aesthetic appearance, we offer various skin tightening methods for this purpose. These tightening methods – for example, laser or cool plasma tightening – can be performed immediately after liposuction in the same operation or later.

Find out more about skin tightening after liposuction.

How much does liposuction on the back cost?

The cost of lipedema surgery on the back depends on the complexity of the procedure, including the amount of fat to be removed. The price includes all expenses for the consultation, surgery and aftercare. We will gladly provide you with a detailed proposal in a personal consultation.

You will receive more detailed information on the costs of the surgery and potential cost coverage by your health insurance.

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