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Welcome to LIPOCURA® in Stuttgart.

Living with Lipedema can be a real challenge for affected women. We know and understand the situation you are in – and would like to support you holistically and sensitively with your Lipedema treatment.

As a renowned private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery, the Klinik auf der Karlshöhe in Stuttgart, we offer you comprehensive expertise and state-of-the-art medical procedures for liposuction for Lipedema. An interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists and specialists work together here under one roof to guarantee you the best possible care.

Our many years of experience, with over 1,500 operations per year, and patient-orientated care are the cornerstones of our work. In the stylish premises of our Stuttgart clinic, we create a trusting and pleasant atmosphere for your consultation and treatment. We accompany you step by step and offer you the support you need to sustainably improve your quality of life despite Lipedema.

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Dr Robert Haas
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Dr. med. Robert Haas

Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr. Heike Traintiger
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Dr. med. Heike Traintinger

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery


Competent treatment of Lipedema at the Klinik auf der Karlshöhe in Stuttgart

At our state-of-the-art specialist centre, the Klinik auf der Karlshöhe in Stuttgart, we offer surgical Lipedema removal by means of liposuction. Here you benefit from the comprehensive care of an experienced and well-coordinated team of specialists, anaesthetists and medical staff. We ensure that our patients feel well looked after and cared for at all times – with individual consultations and customised treatment plans.

Patient reviews

What our patients in Stuttgart say

Find out more about our holistic treatment approach through authentic testimonials from lipedema sufferers.



Dear Lipocurateam Stuttgart,
I can hardly put into words how grateful I am for the extraordinary experience I had during my treatment with you. As a former lipoedema patient who is now cured, I am overjoyed with the outstanding surgical result and the wonderful aesthetics you have achieved.
I felt I was in the best hands with you from the very beginning. The empathetic and professional team made me feel safe right from the start and I could feel that my well-being and needs were always at the center of attention.
The result of the surgery exceeded all my expectations and has changed my life in so many positive ways. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and can enjoy my life to the full again.
But it wasn’t just the surgical result that impressed me. The service during my stay was also first class. The friendly and attentive staff made sure that I felt completely comfortable and well looked after.
And the food – simply delicious!
I would like to thank everyone at the Karlshöhe clinic from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life and given me new self-confidence. I can’t praise you enough! 💖

Vanessa G



I went for a diagnosis and consultation with Dr. Haas in October. He took a lot of time for a detailed diagnosis and consultation. He explained to me in detail the clinical picture and the various options for dealing with it, both conservatively and surgically. He also answered my questions immediately afterwards by e-mail. I don’t take it for granted that a doctor takes so much time and I am convinced that he is very knowledgeable in his field. In no way was any surgical therapy imposed on me. I am very happy with my decision to see him.

Anke K



Mrs. Traintinger is a very emphatic and sympathetic doctor, so I felt very comfortable!
Unfortunately, I am very sensitive to pain, but she was able to allay my fears and was always empathetic.
She also took the time to explain everything to me in detail and responded to my wishes.
I am very happy with the result and everything has healed well!
I would go to her again and again and can only recommend her to others!

Verified patient

How does the Consultation at LIPOCURA® in Stuttgart work?

At LIPOCURA® in Stuttgart, we attach great importance to a detailed and empathetic consultation in order to be able to offer you the best possible care in the treatment of Lipedema.

  • Medical history
    At the beginning of your consultation, we take plenty of time to take a detailed medical history. By discussing your symptoms and medical history, we gain a comprehensive picture of your situation. We know how stressful Lipedema can be and it is important to us to create a basis of trust. Our aim is for you to feel that you are in good hands and understood.
  • Diagnosis
    After taking your medical history, we carry out a series of diagnostic procedures in order to make an accurate diagnosis. These include the pinch test to test the sensitivity of the tissue to pressure and ultrasound examinations to visualise the fat layers and differentiate Lipedema from other diseases. These examinations help us to accurately assess the progression of Lipedema.
  • Planning
    We develop a personalised treatment plan for you based on the diagnosis. To do this, we create a 3D scan with the MyLIPOAvatar, which records important parameters such as body fat percentage and posture. We will also provide you with the LIPO BOOK with important information about Lipedema and the LIPO Journal, in which you can document your progress and notes. This keeps you well informed and allows you to actively support your treatment.

We not only want to offer you the highest level of professional expertise, but also give you a feeling of trust and security. Our aim is to make it easier for you to decide in favour of liposuction for Lipedema and to improve your quality of life. We are always available for an initial diagnosis, questions about treatment options or to clarify a diagnosis that has already been made. We also offer a corrective consultation if you have already undergone unsatisfactory Lipedema surgery.

Übergabe Fragebogen an Patientin in der Klinik mednord
Initial consultation

What should I know for my initial consultation with LIPOCURA®?

We understand that you are probably a little nervous before your consultation with us. So that you can be reassured and are fully prepared for your appointment, here are the most important facts about your initial consultation:

Frequently asked questions

Lipedema is a chronic fat distribution disorder with symmetrical fat accumulation, especially on the legs and arms. This condition mainly affects women. Lipedema often occurs during hormonal upheaval phases such as puberty, pregnancy or the menopause.

Typical symptoms of Lipedema are uneven fat distribution, swelling, tenderness, pain and a tendency to bruise. The skin in the affected areas can feel tight and hardened. Despite a conscious diet and regular exercise, the excess fat cannot be broken down.

A complete cure for Lipedema has not yet been proven. However, there are various treatment options to alleviate the symptoms and improve quality of life. Conservative treatment approaches include compression therapy, manual lymphatic drainage and targeted exercise therapy. Long-term relief can be achieved by surgically removing the fat cells using liposuction. This procedure can significantly reduce the symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease.

Lipedema is characterised by a variety of symptoms. The most common signs include a disproportionate distribution of fat on the extremities, swelling, tenderness, pain and an increased tendency to bruise. Those affected often report a feeling of heaviness and tension in the affected areas. The skin can feel tight and hardened and despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, the excess fat cannot be broken down.

To help you make an initial assessment, we have developed a self-test that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. This self-test helps you to recognise possible symptoms of Lipedema and can also be used as the basis for a personal diagnostic consultation with your doctor.

The exact causes of Lipedema are not yet fully understood, but there are a number of factors that are suspected to contribute to the development of the disease. A hereditary predisposition is one of these suspected factors, as Lipedema often runs in families. Hormonal influences, in particular changes in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone, also appear to play an important role. This explains why Lipedema often occurs during hormonal upheaval phases such as puberty, pregnancy or the menopause.

A malfunction of the lymph vessels is also discussed as a possible cause. It is assumed that impaired lymphatic drainage leads to fluid and fat accumulation in the affected tissue. Being overweight, even if it can exacerbate the symptoms, is not the cause of Lipedema. Lipedema is an independent disease that occurs regardless of body weight.

The diagnostic process begins with a detailed medical history interview in which we record your medical history and current complaints in detail. This is followed by a thorough physical examination, during which we look at the characteristic fat distribution and the nature of the fatty tissue. An important part of this examination is the pinch test, which we use to check the sensitivity to pain and the condition of the fatty tissue.

We also use imaging techniques such as ultrasound to precisely assess the structure of the fatty tissue and rule out other diseases. This comprehensive diagnosis enables us to draw a precise picture of your condition and develop a customised treatment strategy.

To alleviate the symptoms of Lipedema and improve our patients’ quality of life, we initially recommend proven conservative methods. These include manual lymphatic drainage, wearing compression garments, specially adapted diet plans (especially the ketogenic diet) and exercise therapy. These measures have proven successful for many of our patients, as they reduce swelling, alleviate pain and improve general well-being.

In advanced stages of Lipedema, however, conservative therapies often reach their limits. In these cases, liposuction can be the most effective method of alleviating the symptoms and correcting the body contour. We perform these procedures nationwide in our partner clinics using the gentle PAL method (Power-Assisted Liposuction). With this tissue-sparing and precise technique, we can remove significantly more fat than with conventional aesthetic liposuction.

To optimise the aesthetic result, we also offer scar-free skin tightening. Surgical skin tightening can also be considered for particularly severe excess skin.

Our holistic approach ensures that both your health and aesthetic needs are taken into account. The treatment is customised to your individual requirements.

How to get there

Anfahrt mit der Bahn

From Stuttgart main station:

Take the S-Bahn line S4 towards Backnang or S6 towards Esslingen/Plochingen to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof station. Change to the suburban railway line S2 towards Fellbach or S3 towards Vaihingen/Enz and get off at Schwabstraße. The walk to the practice takes about 5 minutes.

Take bus 42 towards Löwentor/Hohenheim or bus 52 towards Obertürkheim/Kurpark and get off at the Schwabstraße stop. The walk to the practice takes about 5 minutes.

The walk from Stuttgart main station to the practice takes about 20 minutes. Walk in a southerly direction along Bahnhofstraße, then turn left into Königstraße and continue to Schlossplatz. Turn right into Schillerstraße and continue to Humboldtstraße. The practice is located on the ground floor of the building at number 16.

Anfahrt mit dem Taxi


The taxi ride from the main railway station to the LIPOCURA® location takes about 12 minutes.

Parken bei Lipocura


There are several parking garages near the practice. The ‘Schwabengarage’ parking garage is the closest and is about 100 metres away.

You can find us here

Consultancy and surgery location

Humboldtstraße 16

70178 Stuttgart

+49 711 769792-0

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