Katrin Erfahrungsbericht
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No place for pain – Katrin

My name is Katrin and I am 43 years old.
I’ve had my diagnosis since 2019 and I was particularly burdened by my powerlessness on the way to the operation! No matter what I tried, my body was never pain-free and slim. Then there was the ‘good’ advice from outside: ‘change your diet’ or ‘you need to do more exercise’. Until 2019, I thought the pain was normal if you have an office job and sit a lot. You get bruises from time to time (where do they come from?) and cold legs in winter can’t get warm? Far from it … luckily I was finally enlightened in 2019!

That was me and my Lipedema in stage 2 (3 years after the first operation on the back of my legs – the redistribution has taken full effect on the rest of my body):

Katrin Erfahrungsbericht


I had conservative therapy in the form of lymph drainage.

Then I came to LIPOCURA® and everything changed!

I chose LIPOCURA® because the recommendation came from a dear friend and doctor who knows some of the Lipodocs and knows how good they are.

I wanted to say goodbye to my Lipedema because this pain should no longer have a place in my life. In addition, I always looked enviously and longingly at the shop windows with the great clothes that simply didn’t fit me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept that.

That’s me today:

Katrin Erfahrungsbericht

(I don’t have a better photo yet as the operation was only 4 weeks ago – but the blouse already fits again – before the operation I couldn’t get my arms or upper body in!!!)

Between then and now:

  • 3 operations on approx. 20 areas and 29.7 litres of fat.
  • I had three plasma lifting operations on all possible areas.

Today I eat consciously and do swimming and fitness as sporting activities.

My biggest concern before the operation was:
Surgery 1: the uncertainty of what the result would look like and how long I would be restricted by the swelling
Surgery 2+3: the annoying needle cannula in my hand + foot 😉 Apart from that, the anticipation of the result was greater! The essentials in my hospital bag were a chocolate bar and clothes/shoes that are easy to put on and take off.

I am particularly grateful on my Lipedema journey to my girlfriend, who encouraged me to have the operations, to my family, who looked after me after the operations, cared for me, cooked for me and comforted me. And of course Dr Sauter and all the colleagues involved, who gave me a new lease of life.

I would like to say to anyone who still has doubts about the decision to have surgery that I still remember the initial ‘shock’ after the diagnosis and after being told about the financial outlay. But nothing is impossible and you can do anything if you really want to and the pressure of suffering is so great. I’m so happy that I decided to do it, because I was always pain-free straight after the operation! And even if I now have to do without one or two things for financial reasons, I would always make the same decision again.

Do you have any questions for me? You can find me on Instagram: rinchen2912

Everyone is the architect of his own fortune!


Note: It is important to mention that the testimonials of our patients do not describe aesthetic operations, but refer to medically necessary procedures for the treatment of lipoedema in various stages.

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