Methods of skin tightening after liposuction

Pain relief is the main focus of our treatment for lipedema patients.
In order to also achieve an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance for your body, we can adjust the skin with various scar-free skin tightening methods during liposuction at LIPOCURA® – with surgical needling, laser treatment and cool plasma tightening. In cases with very pronounced findings, surgical skin tightening is possible, which only results in fine scars.

We encourage you to find out more about our various treatment methods on the following web pages. We will also gladly determine which treatment is best for you in a personal consultation.

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Why is skin tightening important after liposuction?

Sagging skin as a result of lipedema surgery can lead to considerable limitations. The extent depends on the amount of fat cells that have been suctioned out, but the patient’s skin condition also plays an important role. The sagging skin can cause friction during movement and, in worst case scenarios, lead to painful inflammation. Mobility may also be disrupted.
For many years, our only option was surgical skin tightening. Thanks to advanced techniques, we can now reduce downtime and scarring.
Furthermore, we now have enormous success in skin tightening using the latest technologies – all without scars, prolonged downtime or repeat surgery and corrective procedures.

Our tightening method

Every tightening method has its justification and every finding is reviewed individually by us so that we can offer you the procedure that is necessary for you. We are pleased to be able to offer you the entire range of skin tightening techniques.


Tightening with surgical needling

Some of our patients whose skin has been stretched by lipedema can benefit from surgical needling. In very mild cases and depending on the skin condition and stage of the lipedema, this type of tightening is a good solution. With needling, we can stimulate the build-up of collagen and elastin so that the skin tightens again within six months. Stimulation of the collagen fibres is achieved by using very fine needles with a roller to cause targeted micro-injuries in the deep layer of the skin.

Surgical needling

Laser treatment after lipedema surgery

For more pronounced findings, laser therapy with the Triplex SmartLipo Laser is an option. This skin tightening method is carried out directly after liposuction for lipedema, so there are no additional scars. There is an immediate effect, which is visible right after the surgery. The skin contracts due to the heat of the laser. Furthermore, collagen and elastin fibres build up within 6 months, which firms and tightens the skin. The end result is visible after about six months because the body needs that long to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Laser treatment


Skin tightening with cool plasma

The revolutionary plasma technique enhances the advantages of laser tightening with a shorter healing process and an even gentler treatment of the areas. The skin and the underlying connective tissue are gently tightened with the help of a cooled plasma beam. The skin tightening technique is performed in combination with liposuction and provides very significant results.

Cool plasma

Surgical skin tightening

For a long time, surgical skin tightening was considered the only way to remove excess skin after liposuction. While minimally invasive methods are now preferred for moderate tightening, surgery is still an effective and safe procedure for significant excess skin, often seen in stage III lipedema patients.

Surgical skin tightening

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