Cool plasma skin tightening after liposuction

Sagging skin after liposuction: for lipedema patients, who have frequently suffered for a long time, this is an annoying side effect. Your well-being is very important to our team at LIPOCURA® – even beyond the actual lipedema treatment. That is why skin tightening (directly in combination with liposuction or later on) is also part of our holistic treatment range. Our goal is to help you achieve new self-confidence and an aesthetic sense of well-being.

We can treat excess skin with various methods. Gentle skin tightening with cooled ‘Cool Plasma’ is becoming increasingly popular.

We have summarised the most important information on cool plasma skin tightening for you below. We would also be delighted to assist you in a personal consultation.


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How does cool plasma work?

Plasma energy is a revolutionary technique for skin tightening. While other techniques (such as traditional laser tightening) utilise indirect heat, the plasma jet tightens specific collagenous and elastic structures under the skin. The surrounding tissue is additionally cooled by the outflowing gas that generates the cool plasma. As a result, significantly more heat can be transferred to the tissue at the targeted structures. In addition to a clearly visible immediate result, a collagen and elastin booster exert a very pronounced skin tightening effect after 6 months – without additional scars or burns.

Combined skin tightening and liposuction

The treatment is performed directly in combination with the liposuction; as a result, the procedure does not require separate surgery and the tissue is not additionally injured. Liposuction creates a wound cavity and exposes the connective tissue structures. This is exactly where the plasma jet does its job.

After liposuction, the hand-held unit is inserted into the already existing incision sites. Helium or argon gas flows through this hand-held unit. In addition, electricity flows through the tip of the hand-held unit. This current removes an electron from the gas and thus ionises the helium or argon, thus creating a plasma flame. This plasma flame is selective for the connective tissue structures and heats them to 80 °C for 0.44 seconds. However, the remaining outflowing gas simultaneously cools the tissue, so that combustion is avoided. It is therefore a particularly tissue-friendly, gas-cooled skin tightening procedure: the so-called ‘Cool Plasma’.

External skin tightening

However, cool plasma is not only used under the skin. Therefore, the treatment can also be carried out at any time after a fully healed lipedema surgery.

A special hand-held unit is used to apply the treatment to the outside of the skin. This works similar to a laser treatment. The top layers of the skin are ablated and these structures are regenerated, which causes extreme tightening of the skin and thus leads to a significant reduction of wrinkles. Cool plasma skin tightening without surgery is therefore also used for aesthetic wrinkle treatment.

Where can cool plasma skin tightening be used?

Cool plasma can be used to tighten the skin from the inside. We use the procedure in all areas of the body where skin sagging occurs as a result of lipedema surgery.

  • Front and inner thighs
  • ‘Saddlebags’ on the outer thighs
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Neck

Using the special cool plasma hand-held unit, excellent tightening effects can be achieved on extremely stretched skin.

What effects can we achieve with cool plasma tightening?

With cool plasma, the tightening effect is much greater than with laser tightening. In addition, the recovery phase is shorter than with tightening procedures using a laser device. Experience shows that there are fewer bruises and less swelling, and the application is less painful. The occasional slight burning sensation left behind by laser tightening is also completely absent. While it can take up to 6 months for the tightening effect to be fully visible with a laser treatment, the skin begins to visibly and noticeably contract within just a few days after a plasma treatment.

For very severe excess skin after lipedema treatment, we also offer surgical skin tightening.

  • Immediate tightening effect after just a few days
  • Additional tightening effect through collagen neogenesis after 6–9 months
  • Less swelling and haematoma
  • Faster recovery after the surgery
  • No ‘burning sensation’ after the surgery


Risks and aftercare of skin tightening with cool plasma

The technique behind cool plasma is well known and popular among experts. It has been used in abdominal surgery for years.

In comparison to treatment with conventional laser devices that heat the surrounding tissue, cool plasma tightening can be expected to result in faster and less painful post-operative recovery. The revolutionary technique also allows for scar-free tightening that would not be possible with surgical skin tightening or similar procedures.

The skin tightening effects brought about by cool plasma treatment do not result in downtime. In combination with liposuction for lipedema, you should allow yourself two weeks of physical rest and wear compression garments for six weeks.

How much does the cool plasma treatment at LIPOCURA® cost?

Depending on the application and in combination with liposuction for lipedema, the costs vary and are discussed individually in a consultation with our competent specialists.

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