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Ulises Pila-Diez

I am a doctor and surgeon by passion. This career path not only offers the opportunity to help people and change lives, but also to combine empathy and science.
I completed my studies at the Universidad de Navarra, in Spain. During this time, I had several options to further my medical education abroad. Stays in New York and Perú, for example, allowed me to further develop my skills: From learning leading techniques in plastic surgery, participating in support projects such as medical expeditions on the Amazon to founding a medical NGO.
After graduating, I returned to the capital, Madrid, to complete my residency. I chose general surgery and visceral surgery as they offer a very interesting combination:

- Major surgery
- Wide spectrum
- Life-changing operations

I came to Germany for the first time by receiving an award for an internship abroad. My subsequent experience of several years as a specialist in general surgery at the Klinikum Nord in Nuremberg paved the way for my career as a doctor at LIPOCURA® in the best possible way.


As a surgeon with a keen interest in endocrinology (hormone medicine), nutrition and sport, bariatric surgery (obesity surgery) has been with me since the beginning of my career as a doctor. I have been touched by the reports of some patients that despite their efforts through countless diagnoses, diets and exercise, they do not achieve the expected results. As a surgeon at LIPOCURA®, it is important to me to take the time to answer all questions, to address concerns and fears, and to be able to offer a permanent solution that makes life better and more beautiful.


From the very beginning of my involvement with surgery, more than a decade ago, I have been involved in bariatric surgery (obesity surgery) teams. As a surgeon with a great passion for endocrinology (hormone medicine), nutrition and exercise, bariatric surgery immediately appealed to me. We could change lives, give suffering women a new start!

Unfortunately, despite their efforts and ours, some patients have not achieved the expected and desired results. Countless diets, exercise, even surgery, doubts and tears… seeing patients struggle like this, not knowing that lipedema was the cause of their suffering, touched me deeply.
The moment I learned about lipedema and met the experienced LIPOCURA® team was a key moment for me: now I could explain all these questions to the patients. “Why doesn’t the diet work?”, “Why me?” and more importantly “is there a solution?”. The answer was YES! The opportunity to learn this best possible treatment from LIPOCURA® was my new goal. I wanted to work with this great team and internalise their expertise to finally offer lipedema patients both understanding and a lasting solution.

There is nothing better for me as a surgeon: together we can change the lives of our patients!

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