Lipedema treatment in Munich

Welcome to LIPOCURA® in Munich.

We understand that living with Lipedema can be a great challenge and therefore focus on holistic care that centres on the health, well-being and quality of life of our patients.

At our consultation and treatment location in Munich, the founding location and largest LIPOCURA® location in Germany, we offer you in-depth Lipedema expertise that combines state-of-the-art medical methods, the latest scientific findings and empathetic, patient-centred care. Here we create an atmosphere in which women feel understood and secure.

We welcome you to the Klinik mednord. For 12 years, we have combined the expertise of 12 highly qualified doctors and perform 1,500 operations every year. Our many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment enable us not only to offer our patients professional expertise and innovation, but also to accompany them personally on their way to a life free of complaints. We are proud to be an address where you feel you are in good hands.

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Our specialists in Munich

Dr Dominik von Lukowicz
Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz speaks German Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz speaks English
Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz

Medical director
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Michael Sauter
Dr. med. Michael Sauter speaks German Dr. med. Michael Sauter speaks English
Dr. med. Michael Sauter

Partner at LIPOCURA®
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Katrin Lossagk
Dr. med. Katrin Lossagk speaks German Dr. med. Katrin Lossagk speaks English
Dr. med. Katrin Lossagk

Medical director
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr Peter Leuthner
Dr. med. Peter Leuthner speaks German Dr. med. Peter Leuthner speaks English
Dr. med. Peter Leuthner

Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr. med. Bettina Demal speaks German Dr. med. Bettina Demal speaks English
Dr. med. Bettina Demal

Specialist in anesthesiology
Consulting doctor for lipedema

Dina Telegina
Dina Telegina speaks German Dina Telegina speaks English Dina Telegina speaks Russian
Dina Telegina

Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Olga Schutti speaks German Olga Schutti speaks English
Olga Schutti

Consulting doctor for lipedema

Rahmin Schams
Rahmin Schams speaks German Rahmin Schams speaks English Rahmin Schams speaks Arabic Rahmin Schams speaks Persian Rahmin Schams speaks Pashtun Rahmin Schams speaks Tajik
Rahmin Schams

Specialist in trauma surgery and orthopedics

Maxim Isaev
Maxim Isaev speaks German Maxim Isaev speaks Russian
Maxim Isaev

Specialist for general surgery

Ulises Pila-Diez
Ulises Pila-Diez speaks German Ulises Pila-Diez speaks Spanish
Ulises Pila-Diez

Specialist in general surgery

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Wartezimmer in der Klinik mednord
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Empfang der Patientin in der Klinik mednord
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Patientin My Lipo Avatar in der Klinik mednord
Patientin My Lipo Avatar in der Klinik mednord

Professional Lipedema treatment at the mednord clinic in Munich

Your medical care as part of your Lipedema treatment is our top priority. At the same time, we always want to offer you seamless care and the best comfort – both mentally and physically.

Since 2021, we have been performing Lipedema operations at an excellent Munich facility: the mednord clinic. Here, we can cater to the special needs of patients in a very competent and caring manner.

Patient reviews

What our patients in Munich say

Find out more about our holistic treatment approach through authentic testimonials from lipedema sufferers.



What I hoped for: to finally be taken seriously with my pain.
What I received: Understanding, competent and empathetic doctors who do everything they can to make me feel better. I have to say that I wanted to make an appointment for the operation straight away at the initial consultation. However, the doctor asked me to sleep on it for a few more nights to be really sure. At no time did I have the feeling that I was being pressured into an operation. The diagnosis of lipoedema was then confirmed by an independent phlebologist. This second diagnosis is required for the tax, which my doctor and the pre-op checklist pointed out to me. After the operation, I was greeted by a caring team, you feel totally at ease in the clinic because the girls look after you so well. After 2 out of 4 operations, I can now finally do exercises on the trampoline without pain and walking is also much easier. The results of my arms are already impressive 6 weeks after the operation ­čśŹ

Monika E



THE practice for the treatment of lipoedema! A few years ago I diagnosed myself via their website and then made an appointment. My self-diagnosis was confirmed. In the meantime I have already had 2 operations. I was operated on by Dr. Sauter, who is a very empathetic and attentive person. As a doctor, he works carefully and is really competent. He always takes time for his patients, which I personally find very important.
I also think it’s great that the practice conducts research into lipoedema. This is the only way that the disease will be recognized in the long term and treatment will be covered by health insurance.
Although this practice is in the upper price segment, I wouldn’t want to change. Quality has its price…better an expensive and high quality treatment by a specialist than a cheap botched job with necroses and dents by a surgeon who has no idea about lipoedema.

S. Seeger



My first liposuction is over & so far I’m incredibly happy – my recovery is going great & the results so far look fantastic. The consultation via video & in person on site were both convincing and I could choose Mr. Sauter as my treating surgeon with a clear conscience. Even now after the operation, I was able to ask him questions about my second & upcoming operation. I didn’t get the impression from him that he was trying to sell me this expensive operation – he is more concerned that his patients are safe. I would like to thank him in advance and look forward to a life free of lipedema!

Verified patient

How does the consultation at LIPOCURA® in Munich work?

During your initial consultation at LIPOCURA® in Munich, we take plenty of time to get to know you and your situation.

  • Medical history
    Firstly, we discuss your symptoms and medical history in detail to get a clear picture of your individual situation.
  • Diagnosis
    Using various methods – such as the pinch test and ultrasound – we carry out a thorough diagnosis to determine the exact stage of Lipedema. We measure the thickness of the fat and identify the problematic areas and those that could cause problems in the future. We also assess the condition of the tissue and determine the progression of the disease. This detailed examination forms the basis for determining the prerequisites for an optimal treatment outcome and creating customised treatment plans.
  • Planning
    Using state-of-the-art, innovative technology, the MyLIPOAvatar, we create a 3D scan of your body, which enables us to develop a customised treatment plan, among other things. You will also receive our Lipedema Book and Lipedema Journal with valuable tips and information to help you optimally prepare for and support your treatment.

Our aim is not only to offer you the highest level of medical expertise, but also to help you regain confidence and feel safe and in good hands. We support you with the initial diagnosis and are also happy to provide you with a second opinion. We also offer a corrective consultation if you have already had Lipedema surgery that did not go satisfactorily. We will answer all your general questions to make it easier for you to decide in favour of liposuction and thus a better attitude to life

├ťbergabe Fragebogen an Patientin in der Klinik mednord

Initial consultation

What should I know for my initial consultation with LIPOCURA®?

We understand that you are probably a little nervous before your consultation with us. So that you can be reassured and are fully prepared for your appointment, here are the most important facts about your initial consultation:

Patient stories

Living with Lipedema - Experiences of our patients

What happens after Lipedema treatment at LIPOCURA®? Many women have travelled this path with us and share their experiences as well as exclusive before and after pictures to serve as inspiration for other patients. Let yourself be inspired and take a look at our patient stories.


Frequently asked questions

Lipedema is a chronic disease that almost exclusively affects women and is characterised by an uncontrollable and abnormal increase in fatty tissue, usually on the legs and arms. The fat distribution disorder usually occurs in those affected during puberty, after pregnancy or during the menopause. Depending on the stage, Lipedema is accompanied by different symptoms, some of which are characterised by significant discomfort. Many affected women are severely restricted in their everyday lives due to pain and restricted movement. Lipedema cannot yet be cured. The symptoms can be alleviated with conservative treatment such as compression garments or lymphatic drainage. The only method of removing the diseased fat cells is liposuction.

Typical symptoms of lipoedema are a visible and palpable increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue, which mainly affects the legs and usually occurs symmetrically. The affected areas can be sensitive to pressure, painful and prone to haematomas. Many Lipedema patients report a feeling of tension, coldness and heaviness in the extremities.

As an initial overview of whether you have symptoms typical of Lipedema, we have developed a self-test that you can use to carry out an initial self-assessment in just a few clicks. The result can also be a helpful guide for your initial consultation in Munich.

The causes of lipoedema are still not fully understood. Genetic factors are being discussed, as the disease often runs in families. Hormonal influences, in particular oestrogen and progesterone, which are particularly associated with puberty, pregnancy and the menopause, also appear to play a role. In addition, a dysfunction of the lymphatic vessels is assumed, which can lead to increased fluid retention in the fatty tissue.

Lipedema is often equated with being overweight. However, this is completely wrong! You are not to blame for your situation. Lipedema is not caused by a poor diet or lack of exercise, nor can it be treated by exercise and dieting.

Lipoedema is diagnosed during your initial consultation at LIPOCURA® in Munich. Sometimes, however, patients have already received their diagnosis and would like a second opinion from us. We always start with a detailed medical history interview in which we discuss your symptoms and your previous medical history. A physical examination then often provides certainty. We draw on our expertise and experience from over 12 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Lipedema.

Our specialists pay attention to the typical distribution of fat, the nature of the fatty tissue and look for signs of tenderness and noticeably thickened subcutaneous fatty tissue. Imaging procedures such as ultrasound can support the assessment and rule out other diseases.

The treatment of lipoedema aims to alleviate the symptoms and improve quality of life. It includes conservative methods such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, a customised diet plan and exercise therapy.

Conservative therapy often reaches its limits, especially in the advanced stages. The best possible alleviation of symptoms and an aesthetic adjustment of the body contour can currently only be achieved through liposuction. We perform liposuction for Lipedema at the mednord clinic in Munich. We use the gentle PAL method (power-assisted liposuction) for precise and effective results. We also create a ketogenic diet plan to prepare for the operation and support the healing process. To prevent permanent excess skin postoperatively, we also offer accompanying scarless skin tightening to perfect the overall result. Discover our other specialist centres throughout Germany, which can cater to your individual needs.

How to get there

Anfahrt mit der Bahn

From Munich main station:

Take the underground line U4 in the direction of Arabellapark to the University station. The walk to the practice takes about 10 minutes.

Take bus 57 in the direction of Schwabing Nord to the bus stop Heidemannstra├če. The walk to the practice takes approx. 3 minutes.

The walk from Munich main station to the practice takes approx. 30 minutes.

Anfahrt mit dem Taxi


The taxi journey from the main railway station to the LIPOCURA location takes approx. 30 minutes.

Parken bei Lipocura


You can park free of charge in the location’s underground parking garage.

You can find us here

Consultancy location

Heidemannstra├če 5b

80939 Munich

+49 89 904239-0

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