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Even more detailed surgery planning – our new 3D scan makes it possible

from: Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz | 27.04.2023

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Arzt stellt 3D-Scan vor

Dear patients,

We are pleased to present you “MyLIPOAvatar”, an innovative form of 3D scanning. In our specialist centres, we can use it to precisely measure the body fat percentage of our patients before and after the operation, thanks to comprehensive body analysis.

A 3D avatar of the patient is created so that the progress and success of the treatment can be tracked even better. This enables us to carry out precise quality control and can be a great motivational boost for you, dear patients.

At LIPOCURA® we always invest in the latest technical equipment to achieve the best possible results for our patients – it’s part of our DNA!

These are the advantages of the innovative 3D scan

The “MyLIPOAvatar” includes the following:

  • a precise circumference measurement
  • a detailed body posture analysis
  • the calculation of body fat percentage and basal metabolic rate for your lipedema self-management
  • a detailed documentation of the ACTUAL condition of the lipedema on your body before the operation for your family doctor/ health insurance/ tax return
  • the most accurate surgery planning for your LIPODOC on the market: every millimetre of the diseased tissue is visible
  • transparency and best possible results – our claim as a premium provider
  • Post-operatively you can see exactly how much fat was removed – we make your success visible
  • comprehensive before and after documentation – both circumferences and areas are visibly displayed
  • give you, as our patient, something tangible to document your journey

How MyLIPOAvatar works

The application is very simple: You stand on a rotating platform for half a minute and we receive a 3D body analysis, your virtual twin, so that you can view your body from all sides. The sensor technology is completely harmless.

High-precision 3D images of the body’s surface allow us to create a virtual version of the body that is accurate to the millimetre. In a very short time, the intelligent software can deliver comprehensive results, which include posture and body balance analysis as well as circumference measurement: From the neck to the calves, the circumferences are determined at 14 points.

For you as a lipedema patient as well as for our LIPODOCS, the view of the fat percentage is particularly interesting. In addition, body weight, fat-free mass, the fat-free mass index, the body mass index as well as the waist-to-hip and waist-to-height ratios are given.

Look forward to tracking your treatment results and progress in even more detail.

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