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Dr. med. Marc Fogliata

Professional career

I was born in Cologne, but soon moved with my family to beautiful Munich, which I therefore call my home town. At an early age, I was inspired to study medicine, contrary to the otherwise more commercially inclined part of the rest of the family. After completing my civilian service, I began my studies at the LMU Munich and later moved far to the north-east to the University of Greifswald, where I completed both my studies and my doctorate in the field of sepsis research.

I gained my first clinical experience in the surgically managed paraplegic department of the neurological rehabilitation centre in Greifswald and later moved to the DRK-Klinikum Westerwald, where I began my training as a surgical specialist in the departments of general and visceral surgery, trauma, hand and reconstructive surgery, as well as anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. At the same time, I also obtained my licence to work as an emergency doctor there.

After moving to the Helios Mariahilf Clinic in Hamburg under the direction of Dr Hunziger-Schneider and Dr Wenck, I then completed my specialist examination in visceral surgery, where I also worked as a senior consultant until 2021. In the course of dealing with the pandemic, I also made myself available as a vaccinator for a time.

I am a member of the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery and the German Society for Lipoedema Surgery.

Experience and work in the field of lipedema

I became very familiar with the clinical picture of lipedema and its conservative and surgical treatment options in 2021. I was very moved by the considerable suffering caused by the many years of medical history of those affected and the frequent lack of acceptance of this disease in their environment, so that I dedicated myself to its treatment from then on. After more than two years of surgical work at a specialist centre for lipoedema surgery, I was looking forward to working at the LIPOCURA locations in Hamburg and Münster, where I can offer those affected individually tailored treatment to improve their quality of life.

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