LIPOCURA® LIPOCOACH® im Gespräch mit Lipödem-Betroffener


Together strong against lipedema

The decision to undergo liposuction for lipedema marks the beginning of a change of direction in life, which involves all kinds of questions as well as emotional fluctuations.
The decision to undergo surgery should be well thought out and made with a sense of confidence. That is why it is a matter close to our heart to not only provide you with the best possible advice from a medical point of view, but also to support you emotionally. In this way, we can respond to you and your needs in the best possible way.

This is our LIPOCOACH®

Pia, former patient and now lipedema winner, not only knows the way of a lipedema patient very well thanks to her personal vita, but she also studies health psychology and, as a former medical assistant, has a wide range of knowledge and compassion for other affected persons.

As our LIPOCOACH® she supports you empathetically and respectfully on your way to a life free of complaints. In doing so, she does not interfere with the doctors’ therapy, but actively supports you by:

  • Providing you with knowledge and experience from the patient’s point of view and beyond medical and physiotherapeutic support,
  • discussing your organization for liposuction and
  • offering an open ear and honest advice for all kinds of worries and concerns.

Your point of contact for unanswered questions, uncertainties or need to talk.

If you’re not ready to talk to a doctor about liposuction or you’re excited before surgery – our LIPOCOACH® Pia is here to support you throughout the process so you can feel comfortable, confident and excited about the results of your upcoming liposuction.

We offer appointments with our LIPOCOACH® free of charge.

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