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Lipedema & fashion: the right clothes for summer

Summer is a season of joy and lightness for those not affected by Lipedema. Warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine invite you to enjoy numerous outdoor activities such as cycling tours, swimming pool visits and long walks. The clothes of choice are usually shorts and skirts, tight summer dresses and swimwear. Nice, isn’t it? If it weren’t for Lipedema, many affected women think. As temperatures rise in summer, almost every Lipedema sufferer faces the challenge of finding suitable clothing that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets the specific needs of their condition.

We know the concerns and challenges of our Lipedema community and would like to support women with Lipedema with tips and tricks on how not to let their condition get them down, even in summer. In this blog post, we present tips on suitable lipedema fashion in summer – and what else you should pay attention to in order to maintain your quality of life despite lipedema.

The challenge of choosing summer fashion for Lipedema

Summer is not always a carefree time for women with Lipedema, as the typical symptoms such as swelling and increased sensitivity to pressure can be exacerbated by the heat. This not only affects your own well-being, but also makes choosing clothes more difficult. You’re probably familiar with this: Items of clothing that still seemed to fit in the morning, such as denim shorts, can be uncomfortably tight and cause pressure points by the afternoon.

The sensitivity of the skin requires a particularly careful selection of materials and cuts. Tight-fitting or hard fabrics can increase the pain and inhibit lymph flow, which is crucial for regulating swelling. Clothing that is not only fashionable but also functional is therefore particularly suitable for getting through the day.

The psychological burden associated with the search for suitable clothing should also not be underestimated. Many sufferers feel restricted by their choice of clothing, feel uncomfortable and are concerned about how they present their body. The summer months, when light and short clothing is common, can be particularly stressful. Don’t put yourself under any unnecessary pressure here and take the time to find the outfits that suit you. There is now a constantly growing community that can help you with this. Remember, fashion is not just a means to an end, even for lipedema sufferers, but a way to express yourself and boost your self-esteem.

Tips for choosing the right summer clothing for Lipedema

With the right lipedema fashion in summer, everyday life can be much more pleasant for lipedema patients. After all, summer should be enjoyed, even if Lipedema restricts the choice of clothing. There are a few criteria you can look out for when choosing clothes:



The right material is a decisive factor in ensuring both comfort and functionality of the clothing. Natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, viscose, modal and linen are particularly suitable as they are soft against the skin, do not chafe and allow good air circulation. These materials also help to regulate body temperature and effectively wick away perspiration, which is particularly important to avoid skin irritation.

Cut & fit

With the right cut and fit of clothing, you can avoid pressure points and constrictions that can impair lymph flow. Wide, flowing cuts, for example A-line trousers, offer freedom of movement and prevent cutting into the skin. Garments with elasticated or adjustable waistbands are also advantageous as they adapt to the body, making them comfortable to wear all day long and also creating a beautiful silhouette.

Advantageous colours and patterns

Colours and patterns are real mood-setters and can have a big impact on how we feel in our clothes. Bright colours lift the mood. However, if you want to conceal a few areas at the same time, darker colours and vertical stripes are good allies, as they can be slimming and cleverly distracting. Small, subtle patterns or textures do the rest to skilfully draw the eye. Of course, what counts in the end is what you personally like and what feels good on you. Why not dare to experiment with different styles and find your perfect summer wardrobe that not only looks great, but is also really comfortable!

Recommendations for summer with Lipedema

In summer, clothing that covers the body in a light and airy way is particularly recommended:

Summer dresses and skirts


Light and airy dresses and skirts made from soft, breathable fabrics or special moisture-regulating materials are particularly recommended for summer. Maxi dresses and long, wide skirts are ideal as they cover the legs and therefore offer protection from direct sunlight without constricting the body. You can also wear compression tights or trousers underneath them. They gently hug the figure and emphasise the silhouette without being too tight.



For tops, opt for light, loose cuts that offer freedom of movement and don’t constrict you in the armpits or around the chest. Tunics and flowing blouses made from natural fibres are excellent options. They combine well with other trousers or skirts and keep the skin cool and dry. Elastic or adjustable elements such as drawstrings or elastics can also be helpful here to maximise comfort.



As far as possible, avoid tight jeans and trousers with tight cuffs, as these impair the lymph flow. If you prefer to wear trousers rather than skirts, you naturally have various options here too. A-line trousers, for example, are particularly suitable.

Specialised Lipedema clothing

There are now several fashion manufacturers that specialise in producing clothing specifically for Lipedema sufferers. These brands understand the particular challenges of the condition. Such garments are often designed to support lymphatic flow and ensure comfort throughout the day. Some of these brands also offer consultations to ensure that the garments not only fit, but also fulfil the individual needs of each customer.

Further tips for dealing with Lipedema

In addition to choosing the right summer clothing, there are of course many other measures to make everyday life with Lipedema easier and to minimise the symptoms of the condition as much as possible – especially on hot days.

Compression garments

Compression garments are an indispensable part of Lipedema treatment as they promote lymph flow and thus reduce swelling. But it can also be really stylish. There are now many stylish options in a variety of colours and patterns. But remember: compression garments need to be customised for you by a specialist, only then will they be both effective and comfortable. And nothing beats the perfect fit when it comes to feeling good all day long.

Stay fit through diet and exercise

In addition to compression therapy, the body should of course also be worked on from the inside – with a suitable nutritional strategy. A balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and proteins can work wonders. The nutrients help to combat inflammation and improve overall health. Combined with regular, gentle exercise such as swimming, cycling or yoga, which stimulates the circulation without straining the affected areas of the body, this can make a big difference to your wellbeing. It also helps you to control your weight so that any excess weight is reduced as much as possible.

You can also find out more about nutrition in our LIPOBLOG. Take a look at the article Lipedema diet:
Lipedema nutrition: What should you eat with lipedema?

Medical advice on liposuction for Lipedema

If conservative therapies such as compression, diet and exercise are not enough to alleviate the symptoms of lipoedema, liposuction can be an effective option. As plastic and aesthetic surgeons specialising in lipedema surgery, we take a holistic approach that aims to sustainably improve not only the symptoms but also the quality of life of our patients.

Liposuction for Lipedema specifically removes diseased fatty tissue and can therefore help to reduce pain and improve mobility. You are welcome to make an appointment for a personal initial consultation and receive comprehensive advice from our specialists to create an individual treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you.

Arrange a consulation

You are not alone: the Lipedema community

Sharing experiences with other sufferers can offer enormous support. Many Lipedema sufferers find comfort and practical tips. Here, experiences can be shared, emotional support can be found and practical advice can be gathered on how to cope with the daily challenges of Lipedema. Helpful tips on Lipedema fashion are also regularly shared here. You will find fashion tips not only for the summer, but all year round on how to dress modernly and beautifully despite Lipedema.

Become part of the Lipedema community!

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As you can see, finding the right clothing is more than just a question of style for Lipedema sufferers – it is an essential part of everyday well-being. By choosing clothes that fit well, are made from skin-friendly materials and do not restrict the body, you can significantly improve your quality of life. Colours, patterns and the right cut play an important role in making you feel not only comfortable but also self-confident.

In addition, the exchange of ideas in the community is invaluable. Contact with other sufferers not only offers emotional support, but also practical tips on how to deal with the disease in everyday life.

By harmonising all these aspects – clothing, conservative therapies, surgical interventions and exchanges with like-minded people – you can lead a full and active life despite the challenges.

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