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Taboo topic: intimacy after liposuctions

We address everything that is bothering you about lipedema and liposuctions for lipedema! This includes information about the clinical picture, the stages of lipedema, techniques and aftercare of the operations, but also all the taboo subjects that no one else dares to talk about! Because only when all this has been clarified you can start your new phase of life with a good feeling, which we will gladly accompany you on.

My taboo topic today, which I would like to clarify, is:

Intimacy after liposuctions for lipedema

When can I have sex again and when do I feel like it? Do I have to pay attention to anything in particular and can I “break” something in the operated areas?

When can I have sex again?

In fact, I am often asked this question during consultations. In principle, it is possible right away, but at the beginning you will probably feel pain when moving and touching the operated areas, and you will most likely not feel like it for the first few days, when wound fluid leaks from the puncture sites. However, if you feel like being intimate again after a few days, you do not have to hold back. It is best to listen to your body. You can of course leave the corsage on, after all the hygiene opening is also suitable for this, however, if you feel like it, you can also carefully take it off – and then put it on again – for your moments together.

The important thing is to be careful and if you feel pain, you should tell your partner and you should change the position or be gentler. Positions with bent legs or where you have to bear your partner’s weight on the operated areas should be avoided for the first few weeks. You will surely find a way to make this as painless and comfortable as possible for you, or for both of you.

No desire for sex after the surgery

Before the surgery everything was normal and now you don’t feel like having sex anymore?

This is absolutely not a bad thing and is not only due to the fact that you don’t find yourself particularly sexy in a girdle and full of hematomas, but also due to the hormonal changes that are triggered by the surgery. Pressure, stress before and after the surgery, as well as expectations of you and your body also play a significant role. As a rule, this will settle down again after some time. It is also important in this regard to speak openly with your partner and not to feel obligated to do anything. Liposuction for lipedema changes so much for us. Body and mind must first come to terms with the fact that we have discarded a part of our body that has been with us for so long and that we must first come to terms with the new us.


You are burdened by exactly this topic and you have no one you can confide in or who has an open ear for you and all taboo topics? No problem! You are welcome to reach me during my office hours via the online appointment system or by mail.

And never forget: We are all burdened by the same questions, even if they are not asked out loud!

See you soon,

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