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Great aesthetic result with large volume removal – Deniese

My name is Deniese and I am 31 years old.
I have been diagnosed with lipedema since 2020 and the pain was a particular burden on me on the way to the operation.

That was me and my lipedema in stage 2, type 4


I underwent intensive conservative therapy for 1 1/2 years. At 30 degrees, I preferred to wear compression so that I could rest at night.

Then I came to LIPOCURA® and everything changed!

I decided in favour of LIPOCURA® because I had a good gut feeling right from the start. I received so much encouragement here and finally felt understood. It was as if it was just me and not the conveyor belt approach I was used to.

I wanted to say goodbye to my lipedema because the pain (despite conservative therapy!) meant I was no longer myself.
I was no longer myself. Everything revolved around this illness every day. Not that I didn’t care about investing in my health, but this constant pressure – “Did you get enough exercise, didn’t you eat a bit too much today? (1200-1500 kcal)” – was really hard on my psyche.

That’s me today:


Between then and now:

  • 3 operations on legs, arms, mons veneris, stomach& back and 25 litres of fat.
  • I once had a 3x tightening in all areas

Today I eat a largely anti-inflammatory diet and swim, run and do yoga as sporting activities.

My biggest excitement before the operation was: What will it be like afterwards? How quickly will I be fit again?
A long charging cable and dark clothing were indispensable in my hospital bag.

I would like to say to anyone who is still having doubts about the decision to have the operation that I also wavered for over a year, even wanting to cancel everything just one day before the operation. BUT it really was the best decision of my life. A well-performed operation can change your life and give you back a lot of quality of life.

Do you have any questions for me? How to find me on Instagram: lpdm.d

Life is too short for sometime. Make yourself a priority, even if it is sometimes difficult. But your health is the best investment you can make.


Note: It is important to mention that the testimonials of our patients do not describe aesthetic surgery, but refer to medically necessary procedures for the treatment of lipedema in various stages.

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