Dr Christian Belay
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Dr. med. Christian Belay

Professional career

Born in beautiful Vienna, I completed my studies there at the renowned Medical University of Vienna, where I also received my doctorate in 2009. My training as a specialist in plastic surgery took me to Munich directly after graduation. In order to make my basic surgical training as comprehensive as possible, I began to gain extensive knowledge in intensive care medicine in addition to surgical experience. In addition, I passed both the German and Austrian emergency doctor exams and gained intensive knowledge in the field of rescue medicine - both on the ground and in the emergency helicopter. For my hand surgery training, I moved to the trauma surgery department of the Neuperlach Clinic in Munich. There my love for the Bavarian capital began.

Afterwards, I was able to dedicate myself to my passion of plastic and aesthetic surgery as planned. I completed my training as a plastic surgeon at the clinic of the "Barmherzige Brüder" in Regensburg, where I learned the entire spectrum of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery as well as hand surgery and microsurgery under PD Dr. Spies.

I completed my training in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery at the Erding Clinic under Dr. Taskov. I successfully passed the examination to become a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Munich in September 2017.

As a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, I moved to the Department of Hand and Plastic Surgery at the Malteser Klinikum in Bonn. There, as a senior physician, I was responsible for the specialties of body contouring and lipedema surgery, among others.

Experience and work in the field of lipedema

The clinical picture of lipedema and the possibilities of treatment fascinated me so much that I came back to Munich in 2019 to work in the renowned practice “Dr. Klöppel und Kollegen” in the field of lipedema surgery and body tightening. There, together with Dr. Klöppel, I established the novel, scar-free skin tightening procedure using helium-cooled plasma.

During congresses I got to know Dr. von Lukowicz. We exchanged ideas about different approaches to the treatment of lipedema and skin tightening. The focus was always on achieving the best possible aesthetic result while at the same time providing professional lipedema care. So we decided to combine our knowledge and skills to do the best for our patients together, which I am very happy about. This gave me the great opportunity to work in the highly specific practice LIPOCURA®. My goal here is to guide my patients through the entire course of treatment, from the initial consultation to the treatment to the completion of therapy.

The specialist lipedema treatment at LIPOCURA®

At LIPOCURA®, we form a team for lipedema treatment, consisting of patient and doctor, who act as equals. Only in this way and with mutual trust can the best possible result be achieved.

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