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Lipedema experiences – Profile of Laura

My name is Laura and I am 27 years old.
I’ve had my diagnosis since 2017 and I was particularly burdened by the enormous fatigue on the way to the operation.

That was me and my lipedema in stage 1:


I had conservative therapy for a short time (compression and lymphatic drainage).

Then I came to LIPOCURA® and everything changed!

I chose LIPOCURA® because I was convinced by the professionalism, quality, humanity and the results of others.
I wanted to say goodbye to my lipedema because it was no longer a life for me. My normal everyday life as a young woman was very restricted.

This is me today:


Between then and now are:

  • 2 operations on arms and legs and 13 litres of fat.
  • I had a laser lift on my arms and thighs.

Nowadays I eat a plant-based diet as much as possible and jog, dance and do yoga as sporting activities.

My biggest excitement before the operation was the anaesthesia and how the result would look afterwards. Indispensable in my hospital bag were Coke for my circulation and comfortable slippers.

I am especially grateful on my lipedema journey for the openness and exchange of the community, who provided information about the disease and the operations, and my family, who were always there for me.

To all those who are still in doubt about the decision to have surgery, I would like to say listen to your gut feeling, share as much as you can. You have time.

Do you have questions for me? You can find me on Instagram: swisshealthyfood

You have the right to get healthy. It is your right to feel strong and capable and to experience your body as a precious means of transport that carries you effortlessly through life.


Note: It is important to mention that the testimonials of our patients do not describe aesthetic surgery, but refer to medically necessary procedures for the treatment of lipedema in various stages.

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