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Dr. med. Hartmut Meyer

Professional career

I completed my studies in human medicine at the University Hospital of Hanover, where I obtained my doctorate in 1988 and the title of Doctor of Medicine the following year. As a resident, I gained extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery in the following years, attained the position of senior physician for the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Otto von Guericke University Hospital in Magdeburg and finally received my licence to practise plastic surgery in 1995. This was followed by postgraduate studies at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA and positions as medical director at the Friederikenstift Clinic in Hanover and the St. Joseph Hospital in Bremerhaven. In 1998 I fulfilled my wish to have my own private clinic in Hamburg, where I specialised in aesthetic surgery. In 2021, I decided to sell my private clinic in order to dedicate myself to further tasks, such as registering as a consultant plastic surgeon in Kuwait. In 2023, my path finally led me to LIPOCURA®.

Experience and work in the field of lipedema

The field of plastic surgery fascinated me early on, so I quickly decided to work in this area. Especially liposuction for lipedema came up again and again. The great relief that patients regained by means of this method prompted me to devote myself further to this subject. Thus, in 2002, I started a HumanMed cooperation for the development of a waterjet-assisted liposuction device and subsequently attended worldwide workshops and presentations on WAL technology (waterjet-assisted liposuction).

The specialist lipedema treatment at LIPOCURA®

At LIPOCURA®, our focus is on the targeted therapy of lipedema. We focus on a comprehensive treatment approach that takes into account the effects of this disease on the everyday lives of our patients. We treat all stages of lipedema and, thanks to our many years of experience, have developed innovative methods for skin tightening after major liposuctions, such as the use of laser, cool plasma, surgical needling or surgical tightening.

I cordially invite you to a personal consultation in my practice. I will be happy to accompany you throughout your treatment and will also be available to you after liposuction for ongoing support. My primary goal is to improve your quality of life and support you on your way.

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