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All about our LIPOCURA® initial consultation

Do you suspect you have lipedema, or have you recently been diagnosed by a doctor and don’t know how to proceed? You have had the diagnosis of lipedema for a long time and have been living well with it ever since, but your symptoms are getting worse and you are suffering more and more from the disease?

Then our initial consultation is for you! I will tell you more about it in this article.

What does initial consultation mean?

The initial consultation stands for the first contact with one of our doctors at a LIPOCURA® location of your choice or by phone/via video consultation. After an anamnesis (taking your individual medical history), during which our LIPODOCS take a lot of time to understand you and your lipedema history as well as possible, you will be comprehensively informed about the clinical picture as well as the possible therapy methods. Of course, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions in peace and in a protected space.

In order to be able to make a statement about your findings that is specifically tailored to you, the affected areas, as well as all other areas, are examined and palpated in great detail. In order to determine the thickness of the fat layer, a careful ultrasound is performed and the measurements are documented. After these two diagnoses, your LIPODOC will create an individualized plan for surgical and conservative treatment recommendations that will best address your wants and needs. For example, if your arms are interfering with your daily life, let us know and we will consider your level of suffering and work with you to create the best plan for you. You will also receive detailed information about the LIPOCURA® surgical technique, the costs, see comparative results of similar findings and will be informed about possible tightening methods with which we can also achieve the best possible result from an aesthetic point of view.

After your detailed consultation and the photo documentation of the actual condition, you will receive all documents including a USB stick with photos and a checklist for the further procedure. At home, you can reflect on all this information at your leisure, discuss it with your partner or family and contact us again at any time if you have any questions.

Feel free to contact us by mail at or by phone at +49 89 998269960.

What can I expect? – A patient reports

“As a patient, you are anxious and uncertain before the appointment, before taking off your clothes, especially if you have already been taken seriously with your complaints. But here it was different! I had the impression that no one knows the clinical picture better and also knows how you feel as a patient. The conversation was very relaxed and took place in a pleasant atmosphere. You get a lot of information and even if you can’t remember everything, you still have the feeling that you are in the best hands and that the whole team knows what to do to fight lipedema together. I felt like I had finally arrived after a long journey and felt that someone could help me. After the consultation, I slept on it for a night because it is a life-changing decision. However, my gut quickly told me that I wanted to have the surgeries done so that I could finally live my life to the fullest. For me, there was no question of having the surgery done anywhere else. I wanted to trust only the best, and looking back, my decision was spot on.”

What happens after that?

If you have processed the information and the diagnosis and have further questions, our door is always open for a second consultation with your surgeon. For us, it goes without saying that we will take time for you in case of doubts or questions that arise when the topic of surgery has become more concrete. If the corona regulations allow it, accompanying persons are also allowed.

From the initial consultation to liposuction for lipedema

When your head and stomach know that the path to a pain-free life should be taken with LIPOCURA® at your side, you simply and conveniently contact the ladies of our surgery coordination. The best way is to write an e-mail with all data and wishes concerning the surgeon and the time period, if you have any.

You can reach our surgery coordination team at There you will also receive all further details that need to be taken into account as soon as your surgery date has been set.


You are not sure whether an initial consultation is the right thing for you or you have organizational issues in advance? Feel free to contact our international patients office at

Or you feel addressed and would like to get to know us in the context of an initial consultation? Book your appointment at one of our locations near you online now! We look forward to your visit and to accompanying you on your lipedema journey!



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