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We won’t let you down after liposuction for lipoedema: our aftercare videos from LIPOPHYSIO® Ortwin are here!

from: | 04.10.2022

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Dear patients, we have great news:

From now on, our passionate LIPOPHYSIO® Ortwin will provide you with important tips & tricks after liposuction for lipedema across all locations.

On the one hand, you will find publicly accessible important advice for optimal aftercare following liposuction.

On the other hand, our post-operative patients receive an elaborate workout plan by e-mail, which our devoted LIPOPHYSIO® has worked out for you shortly after the operation, from 2 weeks after your liposuction and from the 6th week post-operatively and prepared as videos.

With a lot of heart and soul for your recovery! We wish you a speedy recovery and are very happy to be able to support you even more specifically in your wound healing.

Tips for the right aftercare:





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