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Hello, buenos dias, ciao and welcome! You suffer from lipedema and are looking for a professional treatment option outside your home country ? We would like to inform you: You are at the right address with us, we treat over 1,200 patients a year in our specialist centres and are happy to offer you our over 13 years of expertise in liposuction for lipedema. With our holistic approach and highly experienced team, we also explicitly address foreign patients in order to help you alleviate your suffering in an uncomplicated manner. Our attractive treatment packages are tailored to the individual needs of our international patients, and multilingualism and treatment by specialists are a matter of course for us.




What is lipedema?

Lipedema is a pathological fat distribution disorder that occurs predominantly in women on the arms and legs, as well as in other areas, and can lead to painful deformities on the body. Lipedema is rarely recognised as such, especially in the early stages. Until diagnosis and treatment, many patients go through a long ordeal – both physically and psychologically as well as aesthetically.
Unfortunately, it is often the case that affected women are not taken seriously by those around them and even by doctors.

The following applies:
Lipedema is a disease that cannot be regulated by exercise or a change in diet.

In order to alleviate the suffering of patients and restore their quality of life, the earliest possible diagnosis – by several doctors if necessary -, conservative treatment therapy or the permanent removal of the abnormal fat deposits are advisable.
Our LIPODOCS will be happy to work with you from the initial diagnosis to the design of a treatment concept tailored to your individual needs (conservative and via liposuction). In addition, he – as well as our entire LIPOTEAM – will be at your side with tips and tricks.

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Where does lipedema occur?

Lipedema is primarily recognised by an increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue, which is usually initially distributed on the extremities (legs and arms) and can eventually affect the hips and buttocks (in the form of so-called saddlebags) and other areas as the disease progresses. At LIPOCURA®, we believe that lipedema can also occur in other areas such as the legs and arms. Lipedema on the abdomen, for example, is particularly stressful for affected women. In addition to sometimes severe pain and sensitivity to pressure – just some of the symptoms of lipedema – the focus here is also on the aesthetic appearance.

Body parts where patients reported lipoedema pain and discomfort:

We operate on all affected areas. Thanks to our many years of experience and surgical excellence, we can provide our international patients with optimal care and offer them a sustainable perspective for a better quality of life.

Our team of experts at LIPOCURA® recognises the severe stress that our patients suffer from. By means of surgical liposuction, we achieve lasting results to alleviate your symptoms, help you achieve a new body aesthetic and thus improve your quality of life. Would you like to find out more about liposuction and our service for international patients? We will be happy to provide you with more information below and are also available to answer all your questions in person.

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Our service for international patients


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Get in touch with our international LIPOCURA® team



Support for your lipedema treatment

“Hi, my name is Vanessa, I look after all international patients from Munich and will be happy to help you with your wishes and questions about our special service packages:

Contact me by email at or arrange an initial consultation with our LIPODOCS directly.”

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“We want to make your path to a better quality of life as easy as possible. That’s why we’re offering you an initial video consultation, so you don’t have to travel abroad to get to know us better and we can advise and support you in the comfort of your own safe space.”

Your LIPOCURA® stay


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We accompany you during your four-day (or two-day by arrangement) stay with us: This is how our all-round package works

Your four-day stay plan for your carefree lipedema surgery




Optimum surgical planning with 3D body analysis

Do you already know our “MyLIPOAvatar”? With extensive body analyses of our patients, the 3D scan accurately measures the body fat percentage before and after the operation. A 3D avatar of the patient enables precise tracking of progress and treatment success.

It is very easy to use: just half a minute standing on the rotating platform is enough to analyse the 3D body. High-precision images enable a virtual version of your body with millimetre precision. The measurements include posture, circumference, body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio.

“MyLIPOAvatar” offers the following advantages:

  • Precise circumference measurements
  • Detailed body posture analyses
  • Calculation of body fat percentage and basal metabolic rate
  • Detailed documentation of the actual condition before the operation
  • OP planning with millimetre precision
  • Transparency and the best possible results
  • Post-operative visibility of the amount of fat removed
  • Comprehensive before and after documentation of circumferences and areas
  • Documentation of your treatment path as a patient

You can look forward to detailed tracking of your progress – you will receive further information in a personal consultation.

We are here for you!

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Your LIPOCURA® offer


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Our Service
Years of experience: More than 1.200 Lipos / year Specialized in Lipedema: Since over a decade, among first movers
Method used: We use the PAL method (power assisted liposuction) for extremely gentle removal of the diseased fat cells using the tumescent technique. This allows us to remove significantly more fat in just one procedure. Consequently, there is no further healing time and no additional costs. Anesthesia: We perform lipedema surgery exclusively under general anaesthesia. This allows us to remove significantly more fat cells than would be possible under local anaesthesia, in order to save time and costs for further treatments.
Maximum of litres removed: Up to 10% of body weight - on average 8l per surgery. Cost per surgery: Price on request
Package includes: We offer exclusive additional services that are included in the total package without extra fees: Airport transfer, compression garments, Aftercare, Medication, Take Care Bag, etc. Arrival and stay at clinic the day before surgery: Lymphomat, 2nd consultation & conultation with anesthetist, day of surgery + days in clinic = days, where MLD is performed, up to two nights in addition, 3 in total
Full capacity hospital or clinic: Own clinic with elective ops specialized in treating women's diseases Nearest Airport to clinic: Franz Josef Strauß Airport Munich
Skin tightening:
Surgical skin tightening or needling is possible, but very good results with >90% of tightenings with cool plasma or laser tightening (very effective, gentle method with no additional scars or surgeries) Maximum weight/Maximum BMI: There is no maximum weight limit, we evaluate with each patient with high BMI individually, if the procedure is safe for the patient. We are highly experienced with high weight patients and are able to offer you a safe and excellent procedure through our specialized anesthesia personnel, care-taker team, and our surgical table is specially designed to carry over 200 kilos
Skin tightening method costs: Price on request Cost per extra night: Extra night: 350 (double-room) and 500 (single room)
Follow-up insurance: is included in our package, you don't have to worry about a follow-up insurance Accompanying person: In clinic possible on request, hotel recommondations, sightseeing recommondations provided
Flights: Not included, must be organized by yourself

Further services relating to lipedema

Skin tightening

Relieving pain is the focus of our treatment for lipedema patients.
In order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance for your body, we at LIPOCURA® can also use various scarless skin tightening methods as part of liposuction – surgical needling, laser treatment and cool plasma tightening. In the case of very pronounced findings, surgical skin tightening is possible, leaving only fine scars.
Find out more about our various treatment methods on the following subpages. We will also be happy to determine which treatment is most suitable for you in a personal consultation.

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Cool Plasma

Plasma energy is a revolutionary technique for skin tightening. While other techniques (such as traditional laser tightening) utilise indirect heat, the plasma jet tightens specific collagenous and elastic structures under the skin. The surrounding tissue is additionally cooled by the outflowing gas that generates the cool plasma. As a result, significantly more heat can be transferred to the tissue at the targeted structures. In addition to a clearly visible immediate result, a collagen and elastin booster exert a very pronounced skin tightening effect after 6 months – without additional scars or burns.

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Lipedema treatment

Why you should choose LIPOCURA®

  • More than 1.100 Lipos / year

  • Tightening & Lipo in one surgery – no additional scars or procedure is necessary

  • LIPOCOACH® – emotional & organizational support

  • Special after care – phone number of the doctor (available 24/7 in case of emergency)

  • International patient team

  • LIPOPHYSIO – Lymphatic drainage, post surgery hacks

  • Take Care Bag – Compression garments, Certificate of incapacity, Leak protection, Iron prescription, etc.

  • overnight stay – your supporting person is also welcome to stay

We are happy to help you

At LIPOCURA® we live by the credo: The more thorough the liposuction, the more sustainable the long-term result. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed consultation.

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